Bargain Priced Lucky Strike Cigs


Whether you're smoking cigarettes simply because of their social lubricant effect while socializing or for the simple act of getting the high that nicotine can provide Lucky Strike cigarette brand that is more commonly referred to as “Luckies” are more than likely to be in your top 10 favorite cigarette brands. The taste of this specific brand of cigarettes has a unique flavor to it that I've yet to find in other brands which has made me into a loyal user.

But now to get to the point, I actually wanted to introduce you to a method of purchasing cigarettes that you've most probably overlooked in the past. Buying cigarettes online – Although I'm sure you've bought stuff online before you've probably not had the chance to fully appreciate the benefits of being able to score some cigarettes at a reasonable discount from what they cost online.

Buying cigarettes online can give you savings of up to 50% from the retail store price so if you thought that the financial gains from buying cigarettes online were small, think again.

Lucky strike has made an impact when it comes to establishing and making innovative ideas. They even had their own army camp that they called “the Cigarette camp” which was active during World War II, their specialty was being mobile and the whole camp had a reputation of being difficult to locate by the opposing forces.

Luckies have also dominated the mass media throughout the years, appearing in numerous TV shows, commercials, music videos, movies and even various video games.

Returning back to the subject of getting cigarettes at a discounted prices I just want re-emphasize the fact that you can easily pay a lot less for your cigarette needs if you play it smart and by playing it smart I mean finding an online store that ships to your location and has the cigarettes at the discounted price.

I have been smoking store bought cigarettes for over a year now and I can tell you that the decision to start buying cigarettes online has been one of my better choices last year. I smoke about 2 packs of ciggies per day so the gains that I've made by switching to online buying are probably in four digits (meaning I estimate that I've saved about a thousand bucks on cigarettes in previous year alone).

So if you're still hesitating and have some kind of a thought holding you back on making the transition to online buying ask yourself what is holding you back exactly as from a logical point of view it's simply a lot more economical to do it the “online way”.

The only downside to it that I see is that you'll probably have to order a months worth in advance if you really want to save money as the shipping costs, although being tiny, still add up so make sure you order enough in advance so that you don't have to re-order multiples times in a month.

The first thing that I did after coming back from my trip to the Canary islands was being disgustingly surprised at the costs of cigarettes here, in comparison to the miniscule prices of cigarettes in the Canary islands.

Not only did it a pack of Lucky strike cigarettes cost below $1, the quality was also good and they were no knockoffs too, so imagine my surprise returning home and having to pay three to four times that for the same quality.

It made me start to consider other options of getting my beloved smokes which led me to researching online stores. And to my surprise I ran into something very unexpected – prices as much as 55% lower than the ones that can be found here in regular stores. I was shocked to say the least and couldn't believe that all these years I was buying cigarettes at my regular retail store and wasting my precious money where I could have just ordered the cigarettes online and paid a fraction of the price I pay at the regular stores.

I began ordering solely online and I can gladly say that it was one of the better decision that I've made. I have saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars by making this simple change of buying all my cigarettes online.

And it's not like only a few select brands are cheaper if bought online, all cigarette brands have a major discount including my favorite Lucky strike.

Now I look at other smokers with gloat as I know that the vast majority of them do not know about the wonderful benefits that buying online can bring.

So I basically can't see myself ever returning to buying cigarettes at regular stores, when I know the difference in price that I can get by ordering from the comfort of my home. A fair warning though: if you are a big smoker and smoke more than a pack of cigarettes a day I strongly suggest you to order at least 30 packs with each order (a months worth in advance) as this will save you some valuable money as the shipping costs of each order, while being small, still sum up to a decent sum if you are re-ordering cigarettes more than once month.

So stay smart and make the transition from retail stores to online stores for all your cigarette buying needs. And if you are worried about the quality of the ciggies I can more than assure you that they are of the same exact standards as the one's you buy in regular stores.

In essence there is literally no reason for you not to start buying them online, it's easier, smarter and most importantly - cheaper.

Here is to hoping that you will take what I said and actually use this information to your advantage as I'm guessing that you are not a millionaire (or at least – not yet) so you can't really afford to be throwing money around for unnecessary reasons.